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Who is Global Risk Solutions, inc.?

We Protect What Matters Most to You

Global Risk Solutions, Inc.’s dedication revolves around safeguarding our clients, assets, and business ventures with our gold-standard security services. We prioritize proactive security solutions, meticulous planning, and seamless operational execution, providing a full-service security experience that delivers unrivaled protection.

With our vast array of services, including Residential Protection, Close Protection, and Travel Security, to name a few, we cover every aspect of security needs. Our services ensure that our client’s lives, homes, workplaces, travels, events, and assets stay protected, offering peace of mind and preserved quality of life.

Why Trust Us With Your Security Needs

Over the years, Global Risk Solutions, Inc. has served thousands of high-level clients, establishing a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable security partner. We’re recognized for our outstanding customer service and unmatched ability to fulfill our clients’ needs. We take immense pride in the frequent compliments we receive about our simple yet rigorous processes and highly trained agents. These firsthand accounts from our clients attest to the superior service and protection provided by Global Risk Solutions, Inc.

Global Risk Solutions, Inc., America's Top Private Security and Investigations Company, Providing Security Answers and Knowledge to California and beyond.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

At Global Risk Solutions, Inc., our commitment to security is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ complex challenges. We prioritize creating personalized, proactive solutions that align with your needs, whether safeguarding personal assets or protecting business ventures. Our extensive experience, meticulous planning, and seamless operational execution ensure that you receive a full-service security experience that delivers unrivaled protection.

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Meet Our Leader

Mena Ghali | CEO & Founder |

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Meet the Leader Ensuring Your Safety

Guiding Global Risk Solutions, Inc. is the dynamic and accomplished Mena Ghali, our founder and CEO. A recognized expert in intelligence and surveillance, Mena’s diverse background spans across military and corporate protection sectors. His innate ability to exercise astute judgment and maintain unflappable focus under high-stress scenarios underscores the exemplary level of service that Global Risk Solutions, Inc. is renowned for.

Visionary Leadership and Excellence at Global Risk Solutions, Inc.

Mena’s visionary leadership has been instrumental in creating a culture of excellence among our agents and investigators, with rigorous policies and procedures that reflect his critical analytical prowess. He doesn’t merely lead but inspires, instilling the same principles and commitment to excellence in every Global Risk Solutions, Inc. team member.

A Lifelong Commitment to Excellence in Safety

Mena’s illustrious career includes active service in the United States Army from 2008 to 2021, demonstrating his commitment to safeguarding interests at the highest level. His roles as an Intelligence Analyst and Psychological Operations Instructor further testify to his expertise and adaptability. Earlier, as a Federal Protective Safety Officer with the Department of Homeland Security, Mena masterminded the development of critical risk and threat mitigation strategies.

Before spearheading Global Risk Solutions, Inc., Mena illuminated his leadership acumen as the Director of Operations for a leading California-based Executive Protection company. His strategic oversight of communications, actionable intelligence, company infrastructure, training, and development ensured exceptional performance and value delivery to the company and its clients.

At the helm of Global Risk Solutions, Inc., Mena Ghali’s leadership is about maintaining standards and setting them. Under his watchful eye, you can rest assured that your safety is more than a priority; it’s our mission.

The Team Behind Your Safety

"Protecting Privacy, Preserving Prosperity"

Global Risk Solutions, Inc.’s practices are deeply rooted in respect, integrity, and professionalism. Our priority is to ensure our clients’ safety, confidentiality, and convenience. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of performance by fostering a culture of excellence through continuous training and strict adherence to industry-leading standards.

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Our Security Services

Discover peace of mind with Global Risk Solutions, Inc., where your security is personalized, cutting-edge, and far-reaching daily. Please explore our services below.

Security Services For You

Elite protection is tailored for the discerning individual. Whether commuting, traveling, or at work, Global Risk Solutions ensures you’re guarded by industry-leading expertise. Your safety is our commitment.

Personal Protection
Executive Protection
Close Protection
Travel Security
Security Driver

Security Services For Your Home

You can secure your residence with precision and care. Global Risk Solutions provides the utmost discretion and expertise, from comprehensive estate security to detailed threat assessments. Your home is our responsibility.

Estate Security
Residential Protection
Security Driver
Vulnerability Assessments
Threat Assessments

Security Services For Your Business

You are protecting your enterprise’s most valuable assets and interests. Global Risk Solutions ensures your business remains uninterrupted and secure, from corporate security measures to handling sensitive employee situations. Your operations are our responsibility.

Enterprise Security
Corporate Security
Security Driver
Negotiations Security
Employee Termination Security
Reduction in Force Security
Workplace Violence Intervention

Security Services For Events

Every event deserves the backdrop of seamless security. Whether it’s an exclusive red carpet gala or a private corporate gathering, Global Risk Solutions ensures your event’s safety without compromising its ambiance. Your occasion, our dedicated oversight.

Event Security
Private Event Security
Corporate Event Security
Social Function Security
Award Show Security
Red Carpet Event Security
Security Driver

Security Services For Schools & Institutions

We are safeguarding places of learning and growth. From private school campuses to event venues within institutional settings, Global Risk Solutions delivers consistent security, ensuring a safe environment for students and staff. Your institution is our absolute commitment.

Private School Security
Event Security
Personal Protection
Security Driver

Security Services For Government & Officials

Preserving the integrity of governance and diplomacy. From protecting government personnel to ensuring the safety of diplomats, Global Risk Solutions stands as a pillar of trust and professionalism. Your duty, our unwavering support.

Government Protection
Diplomatic Security Services
Personal Protection
Close Protection
Security Driver

Security Services For Investigations & Assessments

Unveiling the truth with precision, Global Risk Solutions provides expert investigations and assessments. Our seasoned professionals deliver in-depth analysis and discreet surveillance to protect your interests and inform your decisions.

Risk Management
Risk Mitigation
Private Investigations
Vulnerability Assessments
Threat Assessments

Our Nationwide Security Reach

At Global Risk Solutions, we’re as widespread as your needs. With offices strategically positioned across the country, our strong presence allows us to respond to your security needs, irrespective of location, quickly. You can explore our interactive map to discover our established company and the closest GRS office.