Close Protection Services

Personal Safety through Close Protection Agents

A Comprehensive Guide to Close Protection

Defining Close Protection

Close Protection, often called bodyguard services, is a specialized security service tailored to ensure an individual’s or group’s safety and well-being. The nature of Close Protection is comprehensive – it encompasses not just physical security but also considers potential risks and threats that could harm the client’s reputation, privacy, or overall peace of mind.

The Extensive Scope of
Close Protection Services

At its core, Close Protection involves assessing risks, planning routes, conducting surveillance, and implementing extensive security measures to prevent or mitigate threats. It’s far more than just having a person standing next to you; it’s about having a team of professionals proactively working behind the scenes, providing a discreet yet effective security layer.

Back view of a man's head with an earpiece, indicating he's part of a security team.

Why Close Protection Is Important

The Critical Role of Close Protection in Personal Safety

Close Protection serves as a safety buffer, shielding you from potential harm. Its fundamental aim is to keep you, your family, and your property safe from threats that might jeopardize your physical well-being or peace of mind. The presence of a dedicated team of professionals trained to anticipate, assess, and neutralize risks ensures you can navigate life with less worry and more freedom.

How Close Protection Safeguards Assets and Valuables

Any interruption or security breach in business can lead to significant financial losses and reputational damage. Close Protection safeguards your business operations by maintaining a secure environment, reducing the risk of disruptions. It can protect valuable company assets and ensure smooth operations, helping maintain a reliable and trusted reputation in your industry.

Close Protection for Business Continuity and Reputation Enhancement

High-value assets such as luxury properties, cars, and precious belongings require an elevated level of protection to prevent theft or damage. Close Protection includes strategies for safeguarding these assets, offering you peace of mind knowing your valuables are secure.

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Rogue Agent VS Licensed Security Company

Diverse Security Expertise and Specializations with an Agency

An agency has a range of professionals with various skills and specializations. This variety ensures you receive comprehensive protection covering all possible threats, from physical dangers to cyber threats. You can tap into this wealth of expertise tailored to suit your unique needs, which a single individual may need help to provide.

High Standards and Extensive Training in Professional Security Agencies

Professional security agencies enforce strict standards and conduct rigorous training for their staff. They ensure their personnel stay updated with the latest security protocols, technologies, and risk assessment methodologies. This dedication to excellence and continued learning ensures you get top-tier service.

Legal Benefits of Working with a Licensed Security Company

Lastly, a professional agency handles all the legalities and paperwork associated with security services, including licensing, insurance, and compliance with local laws and regulations. It removes the administrative burden, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your peace of mind.

Overhead view of hands working on documents with a digital tablet and a coffee cup on the table.

Reliable Security Services 24/7/365

An agency has the resources to provide round-the-clock protection and can readily provide backup support if needed. In contrast, an individual bodyguard may not be available 24/7 or during emergencies. This reliability can be critical when dealing with unexpected situations.

The Scalability and Flexibility Advantage of Hiring a Security Agency

As your security needs change or expand, an agency can quickly adapt, scaling up or down as necessary. This flexibility is especially beneficial for fluctuating threat levels or special events requiring additional security personnel. It’s a level of adaptability an individual can’t match.

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Our Close Protection Service Process

Understanding Your Unique Security Needs

Every client’s situation is different. That’s why we start by understanding your unique needs. Our top-tier technology and proven systems allow us to identify what type of help you require quickly. This could range from personal protection to asset security, privacy management, and overall risk assessment.

Focused team of professionals analyzing data on a computer monitor in an office.

Emphasizing Open Communication and Regular Updates

Throughout the process, transparency and communication are our top priorities. We inform you of our progress, ensuring you’re never left in the dark about your security arrangements. Regular updates will be provided, and any concerns will be addressed promptly. Our goal is to give you peace of mind, knowing that your safety is in the hands of professionals. 

Conducting a Thorough Risk Assessment

Once we understand your needs, we deploy our seasoned industry experts to conduct an in-depth risk assessment. This involves thoroughly analyzing potential threats, vulnerabilities, and your environments. This ensures we tailor our approach to match your circumstances, accurately offering you the best protection.

Formulating an Effective Security Plan

Based on our comprehensive risk assessment, we formulate a detailed security plan. This plan addresses each identified risk and offers the most effective protection strategies, combining our vast resources, years of experience, and industry expertise. We also ensure the plan aligns with your lifestyle or business operations, minimizing disruptions. 

Implementation and Continuous Support of Security Services

Once our plan is in place, we swiftly deploy our close protection services. But our commitment to you doesn’t stop there. We offer continuous support, ensuring your security measures are always up-to-date and adapting as necessary to any changing threats or circumstances. Our 24/7/365 services show our unyielding dedication to your safety and well-being. 

Why You Should Choose Global Risk Solutions, Inc.

Our Mission | GRS

Global Risk Solutions, Inc. is actively dedicated to providing gold-standard security services, ensuring our clients’ peace of mind, and preserving their quality of life. Our mission revolves around safeguarding our clients, assets, and business ventures, focusing on proactive security solutions, meticulous planning, and seamless operational execution.

We are a full-service security provider committed to maintaining the highest level of performance and delivering an unrivaled level of protection. Our practices are rooted in respect, integrity, and professionalism, prioritizing safety, confidentiality, and convenience for our clients.

Through continuous training and adherence to industry-leading standards, we foster a culture of excellence within our team, ensuring a safe and secure environment that supports and enhances our clients’ endeavors.

Offering Custom-Tailored Security Strategies

At Global Risk Solutions, we understand that security is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We go beyond cookie-cutter approaches to ensure your protection is custom-tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle. Our expert team takes the time to comprehend your requirements, allowing us to design and implement security strategies that perfectly align with your situation. In the world of security, every detail matters. At GRS, we make every detail count.

Our Commitment to Unmatched Customer Service

Our reputation for exceptional customer service is no accident. We believe in putting our clients at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience. We uphold an unwavering commitment to quality in every detail of our work, reflecting our expertise and dedication to continuous excellence.

Veteran Owned and Operated Security Provider

Our esteemed status as a Veteran-Owned and Operated organization truly sets GRS apart. Global Risk Solutions comprises proud veterans who have served their nation proactively, bravely, and selflessly. The ethos of honor, resilience, and duty, instilled in them throughout their military and law enforcement careers, now forms the core of our culture.

Skilled and Resilient Agents

Our agents bring diverse skills, honed under the most demanding conditions, to address your security needs. They’ve been battle-tested, demonstrating unbreakable resilience and a continuous commitment to safeguarding others, especially in adversity. Their unshakable integrity ensures they act honestly, ethically, and responsibly.

How We Prioritize Your Safety

At Global Risk Solutions, we go beyond providing a mere security service; we create a safer, better environment for our clients. As a dedicated protector, we place the safety of our clients at the forefront of everything we do. When you work with us, you’re not just another client. You become part of the GRS family, where your security, peace of mind, and well-being are our top priorities anywhere you go.

Preserving Your Privacy and Protecting Prosperity Anywhere

We safeguard your privacy with discretion and defend your prosperity with expert, personalized security. Our promise to you is a secure world provided with integrity and respect.

Our Variety of Private Security Services

Global Risk Solutions provides various security services designed to meet diverse security needs. Our comprehensive portfolio is a testament to our expertise and commitment to delivering optimal solutions for multiple scenarios.

Our Nationwide Security Reach

At Global Risk Solutions, we’re as widespread as your needs. With offices strategically positioned across the country, our strong presence allows us to respond to your security needs, irrespective of location, promptly. Explore our interactive map to discover our established company and your closest GRS office.

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Customer Reviews

Angela Ostermeier

Vice President of Development | CineQuest

"It was an absolute pleasure working with the team from GRS! They were professional and kind! They helped ensure our VIPS were treated with respect and also provided a warm presence at each experience. Friendly, polished, and we will absolutely engage them again for future events. Thank you, GRS!"

Stephen Coyne

Business Development Manager | Deckers Brand

“Working with the Global Risk Solutions, Inc. team is such a pleasure. Professionalism, Reliability, & Integrity are all key components of their work ethic. GRS is what you’re looking for when it comes to Security.”

Mark Withrow

Chief Executive Officer | Golden State Consulting

"I highly recommend this company because they took the time to really listen to my needs over the phone, arrived early to set up, and provided state of the art communications to ensure nothing was missed."

Jason Cabbiness

Chief Executive Officer | Cabbcomm

"Very professional, knowledgeable , and reasonably priced for the services provided."

Our Security Services

Discover peace of mind with Global Risk Solutions, Inc., where your security is personalized, cutting-edge, and far-reaching daily. Please explore our services below.

Security Services For You

Elite protection is tailored for the discerning individual. Whether commuting, traveling, or at work, Global Risk Solutions ensures you’re guarded by industry-leading expertise. Your safety is our commitment.

Personal Protection
Executive Protection
Close Protection
Travel Security
Security Driver

Security Services For Your Home

You can secure your residence with precision and care. Global Risk Solutions provides the utmost discretion and expertise, from comprehensive estate security to detailed threat assessments. Your home is our responsibility.

Estate Security
Residential Protection
Security Driver
Vulnerability Assessments
Threat Assessments

Security Services For Your Business

You are protecting your enterprise’s most valuable assets and interests. Global Risk Solutions ensures your business remains uninterrupted and secure, from corporate security measures to handling sensitive employee situations. Your operations are our responsibility.

Enterprise Security
Corporate Security
Security Driver
Negotiations Security
Employee Termination Security
Reduction in Force Security
Workplace Violence Intervention

Security Services For Events

Every event deserves the backdrop of seamless security. Whether it’s an exclusive red carpet gala or a private corporate gathering, Global Risk Solutions ensures your event’s safety without compromising its ambiance. Your occasion, our dedicated oversight.

Event Security
Private Event Security
Corporate Event Security
Social Function Security
Award Show Security
Red Carpet Event Security
Security Driver

Security Services For Schools & Institutions

We are safeguarding places of learning and growth. From private school campuses to event venues within institutional settings, Global Risk Solutions delivers consistent security, ensuring a safe environment for students and staff. Your institution is our absolute commitment.

Private School Security
Event Security
Personal Protection
Security Driver

Security Services For Government & Officials

Preserving the integrity of governance and diplomacy. From protecting government personnel to ensuring the safety of diplomats, Global Risk Solutions stands as a pillar of trust and professionalism. Your duty, our unwavering support.

Government Protection
Diplomatic Security Services
Personal Protection
Close Protection
Security Driver

Security Services For Investigations & Assessments

Unveiling the truth with precision, Global Risk Solutions provides expert investigations and assessments. Our seasoned professionals deliver in-depth analysis and discreet surveillance to protect your interests and inform your decisions.

Risk Management
Risk Mitigation
Private Investigations
Vulnerability Assessments
Threat Assessments

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: 1. What is Close Protection?

Answer: Close Protection involves providing security and safeguarding an individual or small group from threats such as assault, kidnapping, harassment, theft, or other dangers. It requires detailed planning and personalized service.

Answer: Celebrities, executives, politicians, high-net-worth individuals, and anyone at risk due to their public profile, occupation, or personal circumstances.

Answer: CPOs typically need specialized training in personal security, risk assessment, first aid, driving skills, and often, a background in law enforcement or the military.

Answer: The terms are often used interchangeably, but Close Protection generally emphasizes more personalized, hands-on security measures, while Executive Protection may include broader risk management strategies.

Answer: Depending on jurisdiction and client needs, CPOs may be armed. This requires proper licensing, training, and adherence to local laws.

Answer: Services can include risk assessment, planning, travel logistics, residence security, protective escort, and response to emergencies or threats.

Answer: Yes, Close Protection can extend to family members, ensuring their safety and addressing specific risks related to them.

Answer: Costs vary based on location, threat level, duration, and the specific services required. It can be a significant investment, particularly for highly specialized protection.

Answer: Absolutely; Close Protection can be engaged for specific events, temporary travel, or any situation where short-term personal security is needed.

Answer: CPOs analyze various factors, such as the client’s public profile, occupation, travel patterns, and known threats, to determine the level of risk and the necessary protective measures.

Answer: Often, legal agreements outlining the terms of service, responsibilities, confidentiality, and other vital aspects are signed before engagement.

Answer: CPOs adhere to strict privacy protocols and often sign confidentiality agreements to protect their clients’ personal and sensitive information.

Answer: Many CPOs are trained in basic first aid and emergency response and can provide immediate assistance while coordinating with medical professionals if needed.

Answer: Vehicles can range from standard cars to specially armored vehicles, depending on the level of risk and client preferences.

Answer: Female CPOs are available and may be requested by clients for various reasons.

Answer: Technology, such as surveillance equipment, communication devices, and cybersecurity measures, plays a vital role in modern Close Protection.

Answer: Look for experienced providers with a proven track record, proper licensing, specialized training, and the ability to customize services to your needs.

Answer: Yes, some providers offer integrated services that include protection against digital threats, recognizing the importance of cybersecurity in today’s world.

Answer: Experienced CPOs consider local laws, customs, and cultural sensitivities to provide respectful and appropriate protection to the setting.

Answer: While their primary role is security, some CPOs may perform duties akin to personal assistants, depending on the agreement with the client.

Security Services For You

Global Risk Solutions, Inc. elevates your safety with dedicated Personal Protection services. Our approach combines specialized training with cutting-edge technology to ensure your security is never compromised.

  • Advanced Surveillance
  • Techniques
  • Personal Security Detail
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Secure Transportation Solutions
Team of security agents with earpieces standing among a crowd of people surrounding Prince Harry.

Global Risk Solutions, Inc. specializes in Executive Protection, providing top-tier security for corporate leaders. Our expertly crafted strategies prioritize safety, privacy, and minimal disruption to professional duties.

  • Strategic Risk Assessments
  • Customized Security Protocols
  • Executive Transport Services
  • Emergency and Crisis Management
Two professionals in suits shaking hands in an office environment, symbolizing a secured partnership facilitated by Global Risk Solutions.

Global Risk Solutions, Inc. offers Close Protection services, ensuring personal safety with a focus on close, physical security. Our operatives blend seamlessly into any environment, providing constant, unobtrusive surveillance.

  • Personal Bodyguards
  • Advanced Conflict De-escalation
  • Real-time Threat Analysis
  • Discreet Operational Support
Close Protection Services | Global Risk Solutions, Inc.

Navigate the world safely with Global Risk Solutions, Inc.’s Travel Security services, ensuring your peace of mind during international or domestic journeys. Our experts provide comprehensive risk assessments and logistics planning for secure travel experiences.

  • Pre-Travel Risk Assessments
  • Secure Travel Arrangements
  • Global Intelligence and Support
  • Emergency Response Coordination
Private Jet, Older Male Pilot, wearing a pilot suit, white shirt, dragging a suitcase, walking towards the private jet, inside a private jet hanger.

Enhance your personal security with GRS Bodyguard Services. Our highly trained professionals are equipped to offer protective coverage, ensuring your safety in various settings without compromising your privacy.

  • Personalized Security Detail
  • Event and Venue Security Planning
  • Protective Surveillance
  • Risk and Threat Mitigation
Close-up of a professional bodyguard service in action, with a focus on a discreet earpiece, provided by Global Risk Solutions.

Global Risk Solutions, Inc. ensures your transportation is secure and discreet with our Security Driver services. Specializing in risk mitigation on the move, our drivers are trained in evasive and defensive driving techniques to keep you safe at all times.

  • Evasive Driving Techniques
  • Advanced Security Protocols
  • Comprehensive Route Planning
  • Emergency Situation Preparedness
Private Security Services | Global Risk Solutions, Inc.