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Corporate Campuses Security Services

Irvine is home to a thriving business community and numerous corporate campuses. Our security services are specifically designed to address the unique needs of corporate environments, ensuring the safety of employees, visitors, and assets. We offer comprehensive solutions, including access control, perimeter security, and emergency response planning. Our experienced security professionals work closely with campus management to develop customized security plans that address the specific challenges faced by each organization, ensuring a safe and secure workplace.


Research Facilities Security Services

Protecting the valuable intellectual property and sensitive equipment within research facilities is crucial for continued innovation and success. Our security services are tailored to meet the specific needs of research facilities, ensuring the safety of personnel, research data, and critical infrastructure. We provide a range of services, including physical security measures, access control, and monitoring of critical systems. Our well-trained security personnel work closely with facility operators to ensure seamless integration of our services and compliance with all relevant regulations.

In 2017, the Route 91 Harvest festival was the scene of a mass shooting in which 60 people were ultimately killed, making the incident the deadliest mass shooting by an individual in U.S. history.

Universities Security Services

Irvine’s prestigious universities and educational institutions require specialized security solutions to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff. Our security services are tailored to meet the specific needs of universities, including access control, campus security patrols, and emergency response planning. We work closely with university administration to develop customized security plans that address the unique challenges faced by each institution, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for all.

The Exceptional Case Study (Fein 1999) looked at 83 people who had attacked, or approached to attack, a prominent public figure in the USA between 1949 and 1996: 61% had a history of psychiatric illness, 43% a history of delusional ideas (88% had acted on them) and 11% experienced command hallucinations.

As a leading security service provider in Irvine, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions for corporate campuses, research facilities, and universities. Our expert team understands the unique challenges faced by each industry and works diligently to create a safe and secure environment. If you’re looking for a reliable partner in security, look no further.

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